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Download games before Q2 headset is delivered

Honored Guest

Hi all,

Hopefully this is a simply one to answer, but Google search wasn't giving me a specific answer....

I've ordered a quest 2 and I'm waiting on delivery. I wanted to pick up a few games while Black Friday deals are on. I read something about not downloading stuff via Oculus desktop app on my PC unless it was 'cross platform' or something - as it wouldn't transfer to my headset when I get it. Is that true?

If so, how can I download a few games before I get my headset and then successfully transfer them to the Q2 when it arrives? Is it best to do this through the Oculus app on my phone, now that I have a Meta account set up? Or will this also cause 'cross platform' issues?

Just want to get a few games during BF deals and have them for the headset when it arrives.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.



You are right....don't buy on PC app, except it's cross buy.

You do not have to download games you've bought I think just buy them on phone app.

The games are bound to account, so you can download when you've got your Quest.

@CholeniAhhh that's great. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify that