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Download games before Q2 headset is delivered

Level 2

Hi all,

Hopefully this is a simply one to answer, but Google search wasn't giving me a specific answer....

I've ordered a quest 2 and I'm waiting on delivery. I wanted to pick up a few games while Black Friday deals are on. I read something about not downloading stuff via Oculus desktop app on my PC unless it was 'cross platform' or something - as it wouldn't transfer to my headset when I get it. Is that true?

If so, how can I download a few games before I get my headset and then successfully transfer them to the Q2 when it arrives? Is it best to do this through the Oculus app on my phone, now that I have a Meta account set up? Or will this also cause 'cross platform' issues?

Just want to get a few games during BF deals and have them for the headset when it arrives.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.


Level 7

You are right....don't buy on PC app, except it's cross buy.

You do not have to download games you've bought I think just buy them on phone app.

The games are bound to account, so you can download when you've got your Quest.

@CholeniAhhh that's great. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify that