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Drift in Rift apps

Level 3
So apparently a bunch of apps just won't stop drifting for me. Anyone have the same problem?

1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 - the strongest drift so far
2) iRacing - sometimes strong, sometimes mild
3) Live for Speed - small drift
4) etc.

I've checked and at least iRacing and LFS are using latest SDK.

It's kinda seriously disappointing, because it's this kind of games where you expect there to be no drift.

Level 3
You can test magnetic fields with a simple compass - as long as it points in same direciton, there's little to no interference.

Level 4
"cybereality" wrote:
That is an interesting finding. I was under the impression that drift was mostly fixed w/ SDK 0.2.5 and up.

Please accept my apologies, I had some old code I'd forgotten about that was creating and updating an instance of OVRMagCalibration.

Lunar Flight has an OVRController manager as it uses multiple controllers and needs to change the OVRDevice's current controller reference depending on which one is active. The MagCalibration also needed its controller ref updated if the current controller changed.

Anyway I've removed that and the drift while still present isn't as bad as it was. I'm wondering if the correction might need to be a little more aggressive though?

Level 15
Interesting find.
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