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Elite Dangerous still reporting "anti-virus blocked installation" even when anti-virus is off

Level 5
Weeks after the problem first started, I'm still getting repeated fails from Elite: Dangerous. 

The message says "Sorry, it looks like your anti-virus software blocked the installation of Elite ..." This is true even though both Oculus and Elite are explicitly white-listed. In fact, the problem continues even if I turn both the antivirus software and the firewall completely off. Even if the machine is wide open, over every security warning, Elite still gives the same error.

Every other application updates without issue, but Elite won't budge. I've been waiting weeks now, thinking "surely they'll address this issue." But ... nope. It's still there,

Level 5
Windows 10. And I tried that.
Oculus support suggested I run the Oculus repair tool ... which has now taken me from "everything works fine except one program" to "Oculus will not boot at all."