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Emergency Issue - Unable to pair my headset to the app


I've been in contact with agents about me not being able to pair my headset to the app. I've tries factory reset - soft reset - turn on and off - uninstall the app - and more. They said this is normal and that other players are experiencing the same issue and that they would fix it. I'm new to oculus btw. Let me know if you can pair your headset with the app please. And oculus or meta please fix this as soon as possible


Level 3

Monday - last edited Friday


Here's how I fixed it:

  1. Download the latest firmware file

  2. Rename it

  3. Power off your Quest 2

  4. Hold Volume - and power until the device boots into a bootloader screen

  5. Using the Volume buttons, navigate to "Sideload Update" and then press power

  6. Connect your Q2 to your PC via the USB-C cable. Use the cable which came with the Q2 if possible

  7. Install the Android Debug Bridge (adb)

  8. Move the file to the same folder as adb
  9. Run adb devices, you should see something like List of devices attached: 123456789 sideload

  10. Run adb sideload

  11. After a few minutes the file will have transferred and your Q2 will begin updating

  12. Once updated, you should be able to pair the app with the handset

If that doesn't work, ask Meta for a refund of their crappy product!


If I want a refund should I get another quest 2?


Took this brand new piece of **bleep** back to the store tonight because of this issue. This was a birthday gift for my son and this “known issue that they are working on” makes it  a $400 paper weight not the toy he wished for. Meta needs to stop selling these until this is resolved. It DOES NOT WORK.