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Emerging Issue - Unable to log into Oculus App after Meta Account Merge




I am on Windows 10, I have an Oculus RiftS and the Oculus PC application.


I have just updated my Oculus account to a Meta account. 


When I log in to my Oculus app I get the message in the title: 

"You're using a version of this app that's no longer supported. Download the latest version to continue."


There's no download link and I don't know how to continue. I cannot use my Oculus Rift S at the moment.



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I just had this exact same experience. This is a f***ing huge pain! 

Thx for the heads up, but restart did not work for me. 

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Same here

Cant use VR at all for the sake of the unnecessary need to log in. 

I have the same problem so annoying can't play on my pc!! we need to wait ?

I got the same problem...

It's pretty crazy they mass send the migration emails without testing the Desktop PC App before.


Did someone manage to login into the PC Oculus App with the new META account ?
If yes, can you share the version number of the PC Oculus App ?


Having the exact same issue... Contacted support x2 but they have no idea. Say they're working on it.

Nice move, Zuckerberg. 

Having the same issue since 8 hrs... support says they're working on a fix, still haven't heard from them. 

Nice move, Meta. 


I also tried a full uninstall and reinstall, but it's the same problem.

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Today I created a meta account. For the Quest 2 I use an Oculus account which was connected to my Facebook account. For some reason I am not able anymore to use that oculus account in the oculus app. What went wrong and can you help me to get it fixed. I also noticed that I have no followers anymore on my Quest 2, so I’m not able to make a party or use the social apps. On my Quest 2, I still use the oculus account which was connected to my Facebook account, but that connection is broken. 
If possible, can you manually convert my purchases and friends (followers) from my oculus account to my meta account. 

Same here, been chatting with customer service and they have been so bad I am about to throw the headset in the bin and delete all my accounts. Kind of nice to know that I am not the only one getting this 😞


Not been able to get into VR since 18th August. This is disgusting!


On the up side, I just purchased a Varjo Aero, should be nice 🙂