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Endless Loading Screen Using Airlink

Level 3

I was hoping to use airlink with my quest 2 the night I am posting this, but I ran into a pretty big issue. You see, whenever I launch airlink, my headset simply shows an endless loading screen. I know that airlink is launched since I had seen my hands being able to interact with things after launch a vr roblox game. The headset's endless loading screen is the only problem I have had. If anyone can help, please respond. My computer's video card is a GTX 1050TI, and I have an intel i7-8750H processor. I also have 8GB RAM, and 2x8GB Memory. My computer is capable of running VR, I just don't get why my oculus does this.


Level 3

It’s happening to me too, except I use a link cable. It’s probably the new update. I just bought beatsaber on steam and was so happy to try it out on pc only to see the pc oculus app not work. Meta **bleep**ed everything up

Hope Meta can fix it.

The 1050ti is not a supported graphics card for Link or Airlink, according to this page . I'd have expected you to get a warning rather than it just not work though.

I would accept this as a solution, however, I have used airlink multiple times before, and it has worked correctly with my computer. It simply started unexpectedly. I think it might be a software issue regarding the Quest 2. Meta has created bugs during different Quest versions.

Level 3

Hast du in der App das Air link aktiviert und dir Zugriffsrechte auf vollzugriff stehen?