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Error when buying Meta Quest Pro

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Hello, this is regarding ticket 7018528 ( I think that is the newest one I got ), but it has also been called 7018769, 7018528 and 7018291. All relevant information are in those tickets.

I do not think the chat / email customer support are up to par for this, I have told them the issue several times but i only seem to get automated replies. So i created this Oculus account to write in your forum instead.

I have answered all of the questions about my account already in the tickets so please have a human read the below text.



I live in Sweden and am unable to buy the Meta Quest Pro from I have tried through two different banks with the same result, and when I called my bank about it they say that the error is on Metas end.


Description of when the error occurs:

When i press the "finish purchase" button after trying to buy the Meta Quest Pro and accessories through and using Bank Card , it gets stuck on contacting the bank but never succeeds.


Technical information and my hypothesis about the nature of the error:

There is an error if you scroll down in the "contacting your bank" popup.

The error is that it tries to open and fails.

As such it cannot do the 3DS authentication.

This is the problem on the page:
On, when hitting the "Place Order" button a popup appears with the following text

"Please wait while we contact your bank.
This may take a moment."

Followed by an "This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue. " where the content related to cardinalcommerce tries and fails to load in.

I am not able to tell you exactly how to fix this, but I do believe that I have narrowed the issue down for your tech team.

Here is some more info about this process, from cardinal that supplies the payment solution.


Suggested resolution of the problem:

Get your internal tech support team to check that these purchases really work in Sweden and let me know if it gets fixed, or if they find nothing and I need to tell my bank to fix it on their end.

Also, please send me a free Meta Quest Pro or something if this ends up being a bigger widespread problem costing you a lot of sales, and if I helped you fix it faster 😉



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello andreasdacat, thank you for your feedback regarding this issue. We highly recommend working with the agents in contact with you over email as they will have access to our full range of tools and resources to better assist you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for the reply. I will keep this thread open until this is resolved, if you don't mind 🙂