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Hello My personal Facebook account was disabled.

I sent in the ID as asked and was told that I was ineligible to use Facebook.

Below is the turn of events.

I got a text stating that I was trying to recover my account and Facebook sent in a 6 digit Code. I have the two factor code set up.

I didn't think too much about it as I was going to put the code in so when I got stable I checked my account.

Everything appeared ok. So, later I received a notification that my account was locked because someone from an Android tried to log in. I have an iPhone. I felt secure that Facebook had blocked the hacker. So when I was able get to my computer I was going to change the password and so forth... but now I am disabled.

I sent in my ID and was still disabled. I would appreciate any assistance.

I manage a few business pages from my page and I am the Marketing Director for my organization and I am connected to that page. Any Assistance you can provide will be so appreciated.

The Facebook Name is Monica TheoCentric Jeanpierre...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @MeauxJean! While we know how inconvenient it can be having your Facebook account disabled for any reason, here in the Meta Community Forums we are only able to assist with Meta device troubleshooting and some account issues. Please visit the link here to get further support from Facebook's team.