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Facebook account banned and a huge surprise in the Oculus/Meta Quest app

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So recently my Facebook account has been probably hacked (I recognize that the password wasn't the most complex, but still) and I received a notice that the Facebook account has been disabled as well as instagram which was linked to Fb. I upload the id requested, wait, I upload another id and then I receive that my account was disabled for good with no appeal and no way of seeing what I did wrong.

Good, I download the data which was minimal (~1 Mb for the account) and surprise-surprise logins from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam); New York; Virginia - I live in France so no relation with these locations. And on the Facebok app I receive that a lot of posts or messages (I don't know as I didn't see or sent anything) contained sensitive or pornographic material just in today. (also, I post maybe 2-3 times a year). I try the Quest, phew, I didn't lose my hundreds of bucks invested in content. And then... I go into the app... BIG SURPRISE! Around 1400 Quest redeem codes sent today. (pic below)


So, I assume my account has been compromised to send phishing or malware links.
PS. The 4/5 redeem links used have been done a long time ago around the time when the referral program started and I didn't publish the censored link anywhere.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, QweryQuesty. We can definitely understand how stressful it can be when your account security is compromised. The best thing to do here would be to contact our support team, let them know what's going on and they'll do their best to assist you.