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Facebook unfairly disabled my Meta accounts

Hello Meta,

Facebook has poor customer service and they ignore their customers.

Please hear my story and forward it to Facebook's internal teams that are responsibale for this.

My Facebook account was hacked even with the highest security options and got disabled, the hacker posted some sexual video content that goes against the community standards of Facebook. My WhatsApp and Instagram are also disabled because of this. I can't create a new account either.

I can't review it, but they disabled my account now. I have Screenshots of videos the hacker uploaded. It also includes the hacker's IP address.

It is an unusual activity on my profile. I need to report it to Facebook and clear my name.

But they unfairly ignore me. I have proof.

I need to get help from them to review it but they don't offer any help.

It's been 3 months since I'm trying to review the decision because I have not done anything wrong.



Even I go to


There is no way I can get help or contact the right channel. I wonder what I can do now. I have been in the same loop since September 13, Every channel I contact is saying the same thing visit -

They have been ignoring me since September 13. The only way to review the decision on the help center

Saying the same over and over -

"We Can’t Review the Decision to Disable Your Account

We have fewer reviewers available due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so we can’t review this decision right now."


Please help me to recover my account by forwarding my report to them or guiding me with a solution.