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Factory reset and oculus won’t connect to phone

Level 2

I factory reset my oculus because the environment glitched and ui wouldn’t let me use the oculus. I’ve tried to connect the oculus to my phone with the code but my oculus and phone seem to be having trouble. Would like to know if there’s anything I can do  @MetaQuestSupport 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Oh no! We see you are having trouble pairing your Quest 2 to the mobile app and we'd be more than happy to help. Please refer to our PMs and we will be pleased to assist you from there. Thank you for your patience through this process. We'll be patiently watching for your response! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Knock knock! We just wanted to hop on by to see if you were able to get your pairing issue resolved; if not, feel free to reach back out and we will gladly lend a hand!

I was not able to resolve it unfortunately.

Hey again, We just wanted to see if you were able to get that support ticket created. We really want to help resolve this pairing issue, so if you need help with the process of creating the ticket, feel free to reach back out and we will try our best to provide a step-by-step.

I filled one out. The options for support didn’t really fit my problem so i just chose something close to it.

Hey again, So, just to clarify, you were able to create a support ticket, but none of the options fit with your issue. No worries, once one of our support agents reaches out, you can provide a better description of your issue and we will try to assist.

Yes, thank you

Hey I reached out to the product support a will back and I haven’t heard from them since. Do y’all know anything else I can do.

If you'd like an update on your replacement, you can always reply to the same email conversation you received and ask for the status. Any information they have, they'll share with you.

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If you need assistance, please send a PM to MetaQuestSupport!
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