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Fake facility in EAST MIDLANDS?

Level 3

I bought my Q2 back in Nov21. Since then I have needed LOTS of controller replacements. I was never too hard up about it because they always issued a return and after sending it to Prague I would usually recieve a replacement within 2-3 days. This time my pre-paid labels, because I'm sending both controllers at once, were for a facility in the East Midlands, UK. DHL recorded that the controllers were delivered 12/10/22. Two weeks later and my customer assistant can:-

1. Garuntee me that the controllers have arrived at the facility.

2. Assure me that a team of 'investigators' is on the case.

3. Assure me there are replacement controllers available.

What my customer assistant cant do:-

1. Give me any kind of expected timeline.

2. Explain to me, in anyway, why my return has not been processed.

3. Give me the details of the complaints department. 

4. Return my faulty property to me.


I came here to make a complaint. I have to say it certainly is disconcerting news to find others with the exact same issue as me. It seems this UK based facility either does not exist or is not currently running. I returned 7 controllers to Prague and never had these issues.


Meta is required by law to repair or replace any faulty product accepted under warranty OR refund the price if repair or replacement is not possible. I encourage any dissatisfied customers dealing with similar issues of being given the run-around and being left in the dark by customer service to join me and write to BBC WATCHDOG. They handle many cases like these and usually are good at getting justice for the consumer. Meta must uphold EU trading standards. I demand to know where my controllers are!


Level 3

Exactly the same issue, its been escalated to the investigation team, absolutely ridiculous. Mine arrived at West Midlands on the 11th October this was the first warranty repair I had requested. Not even had any sort of email from support, nothing at all since the return labels and three chat sessions. Hope its resolved for you soon.

Mine was 15th of September! 43 days and counting!


This was also the refurb they sent out that was 1) set up on somebody else's account 2) broken, so in total it's been over 2 months I've been without a headset.


They are obviously having serious issues, it's just a shame they can't be honest and communicate with us the customer!

Level 3

Same issue im having,


I Sent my Left Meta Quest 2 Controller to the facility in EAST MIDLANDS and it has been over 3 weeks and I still dont have the controller replacement which was promised to be with me in 4 - 8 days! Ive contacted support several times and now they are just telling me they cant do anything and ill have to wait.


I still don't have my Left Controller and this whole process has killed my VR Youtube channel! Its insane that a multi-billion dollar company cant even comunicate with their customers professionally.


Its beyond a joke at this point. I have completely lost patience, if I had the money I'd move away from oculus. Unfortunately I do not I have no choice but to wait for replacements. Hopefully its s stocking issue which is being resolved otherwise I think we're doomed.

Level 3

I urge all UK customers or anyone who's had the misfortune of sending their controller to this UK facility to reach out to watchdog. You're not alone and a few have us have already written to watchdog. As always with matters like these the more people to come forward the better the chance we have to get things resolved. Watchdog have already had success in fighting Meta and if we can get them to take our case on I'm sure they'll do the same again.

Level 3

Identical problems.

Level 3

So today I got the automated message I should have got a month ago. Finally ONE of my TWO controllers has been processed and I got the email saying they had 'recieved my oculus'. Still nothing on the other controller yet but my hope is that whatever was stopping them before has been resolved although I'm still waiting for dispatch confirmation of my return I am under the assumption that will be soon... actually soon this time. I thought I'd let you know and hopefully you'll all be getting your returns processed soon too. I'll let you know if they do/don't deliver 🤞 for everyone.

Hoping that I get my left controller back soon,

I'm mad with Meta they have killed my VR Youtube channel due to me not being able to upload hopefully they are starting to catch up on the backlog because im getting so mad of all of the oculus support staff ive contacted saying the same thing copy and pasted. This is the worst support experience i've ever had.

Have they shipped yet? I'm just wondering because my RMA has just been processed and i'm wondering if they will actually ship the replacement