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Files of my mom that died on my Quest but forgot my Pattern.

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Hello, over a year ago, we put some VR footage of my mother that we made with our VR camera. After she died, I looked through all of my computers for these files and realized that they are on my Meta Quest 2. I excitedly charged it up, and was in shock that there was a pattern that I set. I have spent hours trying every combination but nothing is working. Everywhere that I read says that you need to do a factory reset, but I need to get these files off of the device first. If I lose these, I will absolutely destroyed. I went through a terrible depression losing her as well as my dog at that time. This is causing me to feel a crushing fear. I am concerned that it may also not be connecting to a server properly to confirm the code. I will explain below, along with the current issues that I have trying to change the pattern.

- I downloaded the Quest App and logged in.

- The device shows my Quest 2 at the top of the page. It says it needs app updates.

- When I click on it, it has a menu on the bottom slide up with my Meta Quest 2.

- It shows connected, it has a sting of letters and numbers.

- Once I click that, it opens the device page, but it says "Not Connected".

- As the "Meta Quest Pattern reset page" states on the Quest when you fail the input, I should be able to select the "Headset Settings" to proceed. However, when I do, the page is blank.

- I have bluetooth enabled on my phone and I have also tried with the wifi off. I have turned off and on the bluetooth, restarted my phone and the Quest and still no result.

- If I add another device, it finds my Quest right away, it says that it has found the pairing code was detected automatically. However, this page stays the same for hours with a spinning progress wheel.

Now, one possible issue is that when the Quest 2 was used last, it was on a different wifi SSID and a different password. I am worried that the device may be defaulting to using Wifi instead of the Bluetooth? What would happen if I removed my current Device, then added it again? I am assuming that it still will not connect to the app.

Is there any way that I can extract my data from the device? This is absolutely imperative. 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @FamBitMe! I know how important it is to have your family's footage after a loved one has passed.

I've been looking and asking around if there's any way to get to the files in the headset without needing the pattern but I haven't been able to get a concrete answer. The best option I was provided from our internal team was a factory reset to be able to get into the headset but I know that's not a route we're looking to take here since it would get rid of the files you're wanting.

I think the best thing I can personally recommend would be to make a post in our Ideas boards. This way our engineers can get a closer look into the software idea and potentially implement it in a future update.

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Okay, ill get around to posting there. Anything else you can come up with, let me know.

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