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Fix for Sensor Disconnection Issue

Level 15
We've just started rolling out a possible fix for the repeated sensor disconnection issue. This is a problem that could cause the sensor to disconnect while idle on certain hardware configurations. Although we had some trouble reproducing the exact problem in our lab, we have a good idea of what the core issue was and believe it may be resolved.

Some customers have already received the update, and everyone else should have it within a few hours. The update should happen automatically, but you'll have to just unplug and replug the sensor to reset its state.

I'd recommend people wait until later this evening to test and see if the fix actually resolves their issue. Either way, please report back so we can understand if the fix was a success. Thanks.
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Level 2
I never had this issues until a couple of weeks ago.  Now I can't use my rift for 10 minutes without it disconnecting. 

Level 3

Running latest Oculus Home and drivers - On onboard Intel 3.0 ports I am still getting sensor disconnects intermittently and HMD unrecognised USB error at system reboot (HMD goes to USB 2.0 mode) which require replugging USB every reboot. But when I switch them both to onboard Asmedia USB 3.1, both Sensor and HMD works flawlessly with no error what so ever, even at reboot everything is detected properly with no USB errors.

There is something going on with Intel USB 3.0 for sure... maybe something to do with Smart Auto feature on all Intel USB 3.0 ??  even my USB 3.0 hub has problem with Intel USB 3.0 might be worth a look.

Level 11

reQu1em said:

I never had this issues until a couple of weeks ago.  Now I can't use my rift for 10 minutes without it disconnecting. 

You should submit your error logs to support, the more logs they get the better chance they have at pinpointing it and fixing it.

@silent_wolf I would recommend the same to you.

Level 2
Just wanted to add that since the latest update this problem has got significantly worse for me.  I used to be able to play some games for an hour or so but now I can't manage more than a couple of minutes

Level 3
I've not had one disconnect since the last update. I just played 2-3 hours now and left the window blinds up on purpose, letting the sun directly in.

Level 7
I should submit my NO-Error log that way they know why I haven't gotten any disconnect on my X99 machine
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Level 7
So the issue had basically faded for me but I opened OH and was prompted with the update.  I obliged and I have received the disconnect error three time.  Hoping its just the updating "baking" in a bit.  Since I have closed Home though the issue has ceased

Level 2
All my problems stopped when I quit using the xbox controller.  I was getting disconnects every minute.

Level 2
I have disconnected everything so far and it's made little difference.

Level 2
My rift was working just FINE before some update that was shot out to my Rift... Once that was auto downloaded i constantly am getting the whole 'cannot detect my headset OR sensor' error that I am reading that NUMEROUS people are getting.  This is VERY frustrating... I paid how much for this heartache? I have a top of the line specially built AVA Direct VR desktop PC that cost me 3K and now I am getting this problem?

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!  I have seen that this has been a problem for quite some time now.  What is going on here?  Can you please tell me how to fix this problem so I am not consistently breaking my daughters heart every night when I have to say to her... 'I am sorry honey it doesn't appear to be working tonight, Again!'

I really hope you can get back to me and prove all the rumors wrong that you take days to respond.

Signed.... waiting!