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Floor level problems on Quest 2


Hi there. Suddenly my Quest 2 has set my floor incorrectly when I'm setting up the Guardian. I confirm that it's at floor level, but when I go into apps (like Job Simulator, for my daughter), I / she can't pick things up because we're stooping down and hitting carpet before we can connect with the object. I've tried a complete reboot and have redrawn Guardian several times. It was fine until today. Now everything is impossible to play, like Beat Saber - everything is coming in REALLY low...I saw somewhere to check that there wasn't contrasts in light in the room, so pulled the blinds and put the light on so it would be uniform everywhere, but STILL this problem. It's extremely annoying: my unit is barely two months old...any way I can resolve this? I've tried using the Guardian reset, and changing the light conditions. Nothing works. Advice greatly appreciated! 🙂