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Forgot Password, changed it, message: “there’s another account associated with this headset”

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Forgot passwords to Oculus and FB accounts. Changed both thru "forgot password”. Headset now says “The device is connected to another account. Log into this account or reset the device to use another one. I’ve bought several games and am concerned I will not be able to access them if I reset the device. HELP!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for notifying us of this issue. It's important you have access to your account when needed. Forgetting passwords can seem alarming, but we're here to help!



There's a few things we need to verify:


  • Full name as it appears on your Oculus account
  • Current alias/username as it appears on your Oculus account
  • Email address linked to the account


Once we verify this information, we can pull up your account and send a personalized password reset link to your email. Then we can unlink Facebook and have you login with the new password and relink Facebook if needed!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! We just wanted to check back in with you. Did you still need assistance? 

Sorry, been ill.


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