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Forum redirect issue

Honored Guest
Is anyone else getting this problem? Try to go to the forum from a bookmark, or even when clicking the "Forums" link from the developer homepage: quite often it doesn't go to the forum, but redirects back to the homepage. I think it might be setting a temporary session cookie or something because it seems to happen when returning to the forum after a few hours, but then it's OK for a while.

I'm getting this on Mac OSX Mavericks, Safari 7.0.5. If nobody else reports the same issue in other browsers I'll try using different ones and see if the same thing happens.

I've been noticing this for about a week, although I've been on the forums more than usual because of the DK2 release, so it might be a long-standing issue with Safari that I just didn't notice before.

I've also noticed that sometimes other links in the forums don't work. For example, click on the next page number in a thread and it goes back to the thread listing; click back and click the same link again, it works the second time. This is fairly infrequent though. Maybe it's a load-balancing issue?

Honored Guest
Just adding some additional information about this. It's still happening fairly consistently in Safari when accessing the forum after a while away, but notably, I still appear to be logged in.

On Firefox/Windows I get a different behaviour. When I return to the site, I appear to be logged out, so I have to click on log in and go through the login form. In this case everything works as you'd expect: at no point during that process am I redirected to the wrong page, however it's not remembering my logged-in status from the last session.

It therefore appears that something is wrong in the way sessions are handled where the user is still logged in (and so does not go through the login page), but a new session is created because they've been away for a while.

I am having this issue as well. If you click on a google link, or even the remembered link in the browser omnibox, it sometimes works, and sometimes redirects you to the forum home page.

I have it, Cymatic Bruce has it ("Aaarghh, remember me!!!), I think almost everybody has it.

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Hi guys, thanks for posting. We'll take a look. 🙂
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