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Frame rate

Level 2
I’m curious about the low frame rate I’m unable to overcome with my oculus rift while flying X-Plane 11 flight sim.

My setup:

intel Core i9-9900K cpu @ 3.60 GHz 
32 GB Ram
windows 10 64 bit
x64- based processor
Two RTX 2080 Ti GPU’s

the best frame rate I can get, regardless of the countless settings I’ve tried, is 25 +\-

I’ve tried a quest, same thing. I tried running on steam as well, but as soon as oculus client opens, everything locks down to this low FPS.

the Vive is getting 90, I would be thrilled at half that. I’ve tied 3rd party apps as well as overclocking, but with little difference in performance.

I get outstanding benchmarks, and users of other VR brands are getting great results with much less horsepower than I’m throwing at the issue, therefore I can only attribute the frame rate issue to something pertaining to oculus. 

I’ve also tried this on my Alienware 17 R5 connected to an Alienware graphics amplifier which housed one RTX 2080 Ti, but no luck there either, and it’s onboard graphics Card is a GTX 1070 and maxed out on RAM

please let me know if there is a fix because I like the oculus, especially for echo combat. But due to this year long battle over frame rate, I’m reserved to swap brands. Even the promise of the upcoming November linking capability with my PC with the quest isn’t enough to persuade me. 


Level 15
Disable the SLI and delete any scripts you have and restart. I had this problem with xp11 once and my frame rate was locked at 25fps for some reason 

But according to this 25 to 35 is the best settings =
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