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Free beat saber from Meta not showing up as purchased in Oculus store

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I purchased a Meta Quest 2 from Amazon and received an email that gave me the free copy of Beat Saber, from Meta. Now I have installed it no problems but it still doesn't show as being owned from the Oculus Store or app. Is there any way of linking this? Was my impression that Meta and Oculus were the same company... Halp?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

There are two versions of Beat Saber: PC and Quest. I'm assuming the free copy is Quest only.

The Oculus mobile app and website have three different stores: PC (Rift), Quest and Go. Make sure when you check the store you are in the right store. For example, if you have the mobile app showing the PC store, you won't see games you own from the Quest store.

In the mobile app, the top left corner says which store is the one you are viewing.

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