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Heroic Explorer
Since I've had the Rift I've made lots of new friends.....................................thing is..............I've go No way of getting in touch Easily with any of em. Some of em even have faces lol. Isn't about time this forum had a way to communicate with all my and your new mates? I know we have VR chat rooms but unless u bump into someone u know or have met And theyre usiing; say the same name/handle u cant know em from Adam-frinstance

Thank you - stands up "My name is Wanderer and I am a VR user and I havent been clean since 8th April 2016 'Oculus Rift Delivery Day' :))) "                                   

This is a mighty fine idea. Imagine putting your Rift on and when the apartment loft is loaded, you can select a room to go in to where folks from your Friends List are hanging out. I'd probably spend more time doing that than anything else.

Then again, with BigScreens this kinda thing is possible. But it would be nice to do it without needing an external application.

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Or how about just a way to send a text to your friends. All the consoles have a way to text your friends when they are online, why can't the oculus do the same thing. 

Put headset on...see friends said chat window and say what's up, come join me in VR chat, or poker vr, whatever your game choice is. That would be a very nice addition.
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