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Level 2

When I try texting my friend it appears saying "Not everyone can message this person on Meta" I blocked and unblocked her to see if that could work, but now I cant follow her again, pls we cant play echo vr anymore because of this.


Retired Support

Hey @ThatMxnGuy , I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulty messaging your friend.  Trying the block and unblock was a good idea, but this error tells me the problem is originating on their end.  You're better off trying to communicate through alternative means. I hope you can reconnect. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

"Communicate through alternative means"...really funny😂...if you have friends on Oculus, Oculus might be the ONLY way to communicate

Yes, she tried turning it on and off (multiple times), and the problem is not the fact that we cant communicate through oculus, we have added each other on discord, but I cant add her again, and we cant play echo wich the game we play the most.

No, the issue is not originating on their end. This is an on going issue with the social system and multiple people are having this. I am unable to add one friend myself because there is no follow option to add them on the headset or phone app. We are able to add our mutual friends.

Hey there! We see you're having issues regarding adding your friends on the device. This is not the kind of experience we want you to have with us! We don't want you to have an encounter with us like this! You can take a few steps if you click here. Please get in touch with our Meta Store Support if this doesn't work.


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