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Game installation failed

Level 2

We just purchased the Meta Quest 2, so I’m very new to VR and the headset . I need help. I purchased Richie’s Plank Experience from the app on my phone. My phone and headset are using the same WiFi. The app began to install on the headset, but stopped. I got the error message “install failed”. I’ve tried the obvious: uninstalling, the reinstalling, just clicking “reinstall”, but nothing works. It’s as if the installation has frozen and locked , not accepting any other command.

what should I do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey allen6365, we totally understand how you feel. Everyone expects new tech to work great out of the box. We ask that you connect with our chat support team for guidance on how to resolve this issue. Get in touch with us via support chat using this link here. Hope to hear from ya soon!