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Game referral question

Does anyone know why it does this instead of giving me the $5?. The game has been played by the other person and it just does this.

Screenshot_20221129_073659_Meta Quest.jpg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya @Jennifer.Draper87! We do understand your confusion with the app referral process. Allow us to give you some clarification! With app referrals, you will receive the $5 in store credit 14 days after they purchase the app or game with the link you sent them.

If you don't see the credit in your account after 14 days of them using the link, please create a ticket on our Support Website. There you'll be greeted by one of our wonderful agents, who will assist you with getting that credit you deserve. If you have anymore questions or concerns, please reach back out!

I would like to piggy back off of her question. When it's listed as "referral accepted", it does not state the date so there's no way to determine if it's been 14 days or longer. 

I have a few of them like this on my account.  2 were for my sister and I was able to verify she purchased the games.  But I have some now from people I do not know so it's not even possible for me to know if they changed their mind or simply did not follow the link correctly. 

How can I check that?

And is there a way to remove those from my app referrals screen since no credit is really given from them?

Hey @IndyRae873! We noticed that you have questions in regard to the Application Referral Program. We definitely understand the need to gain some clarity on the topic and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have! Starting on September 13th, the App Referral Program allows any Meta Quest owner to refer a particular app to their friend by generating a referral link. For each successful app referral, the sender will receive $5 USD and the receiver will obtain a 25% discount on the app purchase. For more information in regards to the Application Referral Program, please click here. With that being said, the only way for us to check to see if and when the app was purchased is to get in touch with us with your friend's account information that way we can verify. At this time, there is not a way to remove those names listed from your app referral screen. 


Also, we'd like to mention the apps that are not eligible for app referral:


  • Beat Saber
  • Any app under $10 USD
  • And app that is refunded within 14 days
  • Add-ons, extensions, in-app purchases

We hope we were able to answer any questions that you may have! Feel free to reach back out if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always happy to help!