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Games are stuck at step 1 out of 5 and Software updates are stuck on queued.

Level 2

So recently ive moved over my oculus rift s, and ive had games installed in the past on the pc software, but for some reason, my games wont download. They are always stuck at 'step 1 out of 5" and i cannot pause or stop the installation. Ive check everywhere i could for answers. Ive already tried turning off my anti virus, turning on a vpn, repairing/reinstalling the software, restarting my pc, freeing space on my hard drive but nothing is helping! Please help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, @Crypty x. We notice that you are experiencing difficulties downloading files onto your computer. We realize how unpleasant this can be, and we want to do everything we can to assist. But first, let's talk about the computer. When you say " recently I've moved over my oculus rift s " do you mean that you recently installed the Rift S to a new computer ? If so, have you checked over the specifications on the devices ? As, it could be something with your software. Also, if you haven't already try looking at your drivers to make sure they are up to date. 

I installed the software for the rift s, im sorry if i said i moved over to the rift s.

Level 2

Im also 100% sure every driver is updated.

We would be delighted to assist you in determining what is wrong with your computer internally. To do so, please contact our support team so that we may gather your logs and go through any internal errors you may be having. You can reach our team by navigating through this page on our support website. Once you do find our support team you might want to present your log information by following this directive: 

  • Open the Run window (Windows key + R).
  • Enter and run: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe
    • The above link is the default directory. Bear in mind that if you installed the Oculus PC app to another drive you will need to update the command with the correct file path.
  • Select the checkbox next to ‘Full logs’.
  • Select "1 day" from the "Collect last" drop down list.
  • Wait for the log collection to finish. This can take some time to complete.
  • The program will automatically generate a zip file containing your logs, which will be saved to your desktop.
  • Attach the newly created zip file to your next support response.

Once we get this information we will be able to help you further. 

Please do not post the zip file on forums. Thank you.