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Games not finishing install

Level 2

Im on quest 2 and I am having the problem where I deleted an app and when I try to reinstall it goes through all the download stuff and then says installing however after it installs it just says "not installed" with an option to download. I have restarted my quest and now need some help to fix it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Lou1sVR! We get how inconvenient it can be to have issues installing your games. We want to ask a couple questions about your issue so that we can have a better idea of how to proceed.


  1. Are you able to download and install other games and apps?
  2. Do you have enough free storage space on the headset to install that game?
  3. What game are you trying to install?
  4. When did this issue start occurring?

You can either reply here or reach out o us in a private message and we can keep working with you to resolve this issue!