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Games not showing as 'On-sale' issue since Meta switch

Level 2

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with my store on my mobile app, headset and PC app. I'm not seeing any games that are for sale. I'm able to filter the list and the games do display on my mobile but they are displaying as full price. When I login in via web browser I'm able to see the sale price.


On my PC app I get the message "No games to show" when I click the On-sale now tab.


I've even tried viewing the store on my headset while a friend is using theirs and they have no issue seeing the sales. They have kept their FB login while I swtiched to email.


While I am able to purchase through a browser, I shouldn't have my headset and two other devices that don't display the store correctly. I've tried re-installing and updating all devices/apps and this has made no difference.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Okay, that is definitely weird. It's good to hear you are at least able to get those prices in the browser though! 


I'd say that your best bet here is going to be to submit a bug report since the troubleshooting you've tried is exactly what I'd suggest, and it hasn't gotten it to work right. That way it'll get to the engineers and they can look into this a bit more to figure out what's going on.


And in the meantime, at least you know you can get the sale prices through your browser! Might take a few steps extra than it should, but it's better than nothing!

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Level 3

I have same problem begin at 30 Aug and message with Oculus Support 3 week today problem don't fix yet.

And Factory Reset don't change I already try. I think problem on ID because try create new ID price don't have problem.


I try 2 ID on same PC Web browser or Phone Android Web browser or Oculus Quest 2 problem price are still on main ID and New ID don't have Price Problem.