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Games stuck on loading screen using link cable or airlink.

Level 2

I use to be able to play games over Oculus link. Now when I try to load them they get stuck halfway through on the loading screen. Meaning they start to load, give a splash screen with "loading" on the screen but never get past it. I have tried both the link cable and airlink with the same results. The games run fine in the standalone Quest 2 headset. I have tried to factory reset the Quest 2, Oculus phone app, Oculus PC app. I'm not running a VPN or anti virus. Turned off Windows defender, Reset Windows 1. Lastly, clean wiped my HD and reinstalled Windows 10, updated all hardware drivers and reinstalled the Oculus PC app. Every think connects just fine with Airlink and I get good test speeds with the link cable. The games start2 to load but it still gets stuck on the loading screen. Seems like a Firewall kind of thing that's not letting connect to the game servers. Again, no VPN, anti virus or Windows defender. Any help would be great. THX


Level 3

Yeah, same here, this has happened, tried multiple things other people have said, maybe is a recent build towards the quest two or something. Edit, its a oculus problem, since ive now just heard from other friends that they are also having the same issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Goodness, you have certainly done quite a bit on your end and we appreciate that effort. We know from our own experiences, it's not fun when technology isn't cooperating. Good news is that help is here! We need to get a good look at what exactly could be going on. Please follow this link and include your most recent logs in your initial message. Our team of specialists would be happy to help you get back to gaming! 

Hey, yeah, i found one of the problems through the ovrlibraryservice log, and its the factor that your chain of commands for the thing deleted its own files, which include the dashboard, and therfore gives out the 3 dots, not allowing you to link air or cable.image.png