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Games won't run on multiple Oculus Go headsets

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I have a dozen of oculus go vr headsets for several years (it’s my business). Since yesterday, certain games won’t run IN ALL OF THE OCULUS GO HEADSETS at the same time (after running perfectly for years). On the other hand, other games are running smoothly. Needless to say all games have been purchased and paid properly.

The errors are: “Entitlement Checked Failed” or “in order to play drop dead you need to purchase a license”. For some known reason it appears the games does not recognize the license.

We tried factory reset, uninstalling and reinstalling the games, uninstalling and reinstalling the Meta Quest App. Nothing works.

Please help.



Unfortunately Meta's entitlement system for the Go (the check that verifies your account has permission to play the game) has been broken for about 3 weeks.

Considering Meta announced that they would stop making bugfixes for the Go in 2022, I have a feeling they may not do anything to fix this.

(I've got a Go and 3 more at work)

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Hey there, @idantur.915810! The Oculus Go was an important stepping stone in the lifecycle of not only Oculus but VR as a whole. It brought to life a new world for millions of people, and introduced them to what VR was, and could be.


We would like to thank you for being an early adopter of this new reality, and for taking this journey with us for so long. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and our focus has since shifted to ensure that we can keep focusing on pushing what is possible in VR.


While support for the Oculus Go has ended, we hope you can still find plenty of experiences, wonder and fun with the apps that continue to thrive on the Oculus Go, and hope to continue to see you in the Metaverse.

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Will You do some about that or not ? We payed money for games ... most of games on go are pay games ... so fix this Go problem ... or we can discuss this with lawyers ... fix the **bleep** problem , 2 weeks ago all was fine and worked good , my 9 and 7 years kids are disappointed, tell mark to not to be jerk for christ sake    

I'm sorry, maybe I'm the jerk for thinking that I bought a device from you, which was one month's salary at the time! I bought a lot of games and I want to keep playing them! Solve it. Games purchased for oculus go run on oculus go! Please!
We made it possible for them to develop it further, help us, or return the price of the games to everyone!

At least a refund or a quest 2 50% discount or something! I support the lawsuit and the opposition campaign in everything, if we are not compensated!
I bought software and hardware quite a bit from the end, and they took it away with the stroke of a pen. That exhausts the concept of theft and fraud in my opinion.
But if the quest requires 100,000 people to make a YouTube video explaining why you shouldn't buy such a device, then we will do it

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