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Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord - Son Can't Access Servers, No Multiplayer


I wanted to follow up with this issue and concern that I've been working with Meta to resolve. What has been disappointing, is that for a few weeks in December 2023, my son was able to play Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord with me (his parent). He would play on our Quest 2 and I would play on our Quest 3 in the same home. I have the game purchased under my account and I share the game with him using app share on his Quest 2. His parent managed account is logged into the secondary account on our Quest 2.

After around the first week of January, he could no longer connect to the Ghostbusters servers. He and I have not been able to play the game together for about a month now and there doesn't seem to be a good solution. First, it was recommended to factory reset the Quest 2. However, by doing this, he would lose all his other game saves/data since secondary accounts do not backup game data to the cloud. So this was not an option. Then, it was suggested that I disable and reenable app sharing. However, this would cause the same problem of losing all game saves/data since there is no cloud backup on his secondary account on our Quest 2. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and making sure the game and headset is up to date.

I'm not seeing any solution to allow him to play the game with me any longer. I understand some games are limited more than others for children under the age of 13, but this completely blocks him from enjoying the game that we were once able to play together. This is a game meant for team play and since he is unable to connect to the servers, he is not only unable to play with his friends, but also his own parent in the same household.

Is there any way to allow him to connect to the Ghostbusters servers again so he and I can play together? I can connect just fine on my adult account on my Quest 3, so it truly seems to be an issue related to his age. I've also asked for help from the developer, but have yet to receive any update.