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HI, people I have a question... so I not long ago purchased a gift car "meta quest gift card". after the purchase I received my activation code which consisted on solely 16 digits I tried using it but the app tells me the gc is 25 digits long??? plz help this is a gift for my little brother and I am a bit clueless.


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Retired Support

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to chime in real quick. We've seen this before, and for this issue specifically, you'll want to reach out to our support teams. You can reach out in a private message here. To contact the support team you can use this direct link. They'll be able to look into options for redeeming your gift card!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We see you're having a hard time getting that gift card to work properly. We know how important it is that this gift gets to the right person. Not to worry. You should send us a PM so we can look into this further. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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Did you fixed this?


i have the same issue I was give 3 gift cards from target which  have 16 code number how do I redeem them??

Hey there, @carlosamj79! We understand your concern with this issue regarding the gift card codes, and we'd recommend reaching out to our other support team for some more in-depth assistance with this. Here's the link you can use to reach out to them through email or live chat, enjoy your holiday! 

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I'm having the exact same issue. And wherever I look I find no solution. It would be great to get a response made public on tyhis instead of just privately messaging the forum admin to try and get answers.

Hey there, @NahtreX! We understand your concern with this, being unable to use the gift card you've received definitely sounds pretty far from an ideal situation. We recommend reaching out to Meta Store Support for this, though, they've got some more tools and resources to help get this figured out. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 

Well let me give you my situation:

- I bought the vr meta quest 2 for Christmas for my sons  and bought thru 3 meta quest gift cards of 25 usd each (75 usd total) on the 22/dec and on the same day I got three separate emails from target with the pdf files with the infamous 16 number gift code. I print out the pdf to leave on the Christmas tree.


then on the 25th my sons open the meta quest 2 and are very excited and find the prints out with the “25 usd” gift cards and immediately want to play and download games but oh no wait a minute in no place I can introduce this **bleep** 16 number gift code , it asks me on the meta account to introduce a 25 number code and try to search and in no where on the web I can find a solution.

and like you the community manager tells me to contact thru the proper channels and I did and basically they tell me that the gift cards where activated on 23 / dec , and I told the representative thats weird because I just got the emails and print out the email and hide them , so basically someone at “” or  (meta quest/Facebook/oculus) stole or hacked my gift codes. And they will look into it.


so bottom line I spent 75 usd on some gift cards that I did not used and and then had to spend another 50 usd so my sons can use the VR that Santa just brought them.


i still wonder why the hell you sell some gift cards with 16 code number and I no where to be found can we I put those 16 numbers


well that’s my experience, all they told me it’s they escalated my case.



Hey there, @carlosamj79! We definitely understand how inconvenient this gift card issue must be, our agents at Meta Store Support will be sure to get this resolved for you as soon as they possibly can. Keep working with them and they're sure to help find a solution! 

Level 3

Please tell me someone found a solution I have the same issue my dad got me a 50 dollar gift card on Amazon and I couldn't find anything on YouTube or google so I had to come here my last hope, I'm gonna feel bad with the fact that my dad spent 50 dollars on a gift card that is useless right now 

Level 3

No solution yet. They asked for a screenshot of the error, which I provided very quicly, and now It's bneen 16 hours without any further answer. I can't "keep working with them" if they don't keep working with me.