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Gift Refund

Level 2

I bought a couple games for my husband when they were on discount but he failed to accept the game within the 30 day mark and now I'm being issued a refund, the problem is the games are now full price, is there a way to stop the refund and resend the games at the discounted price or will I have to repurchase the games now at full price?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @Yuki_Onna. I'd be more than happy to address that concern for you. 

Regarding cancelling a refund process, once it has started there is not a way to stop it since it is done through the automated system. 

With that being said, it seems like you will need to repurchase the games at full price in order to get them to his account. 

Something else that may be available to you is an app referral. You can learn a bit more on this page here.

Hopefully this helps clear things up!