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Gifted Beat Saber to a friend but their referral link just sends them to purchase the game

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A friend of mine just got a Quest 2 and I gifted them two games, Walkabout Mini-Golf and Beat Saber. They redeemed Mini-Golf easily enough and we played some last night. However when they click the referral link for Beat Saber it takes them to the store page on the Oculus app and asks them to buy the game at full price rather than redeem it like they did with Mini-Golf. 


Any help on this one? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Glizor,


We understand that your friend is having issues redeeming a gifted app.


We're here to help! Just for clarification, when did you gift your friend "Beat Saber"?


App gift codes can only be redeemed once, are redeemable by anyone who has access to them, and will expire after 30 days if not redeemed.


Also is it possible that the email you entered to gift the app may be incorrect?


We look forward to your reply, and getting to the bottom of this issue for you! 😊




For more information the gifting feature with Oculus, please feel free to view this article provided: Here 

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Hi there!


Thanks for the reply!


I gifted them Beat Saber on the 18th January and their email was also correct as they received the referral link. However, as detailed above, when they click on the referral link it just sends them to the store page to buy it rather than redeem. 



Hey Glizor,


Thanks for the reply back!


Also thank you for that clarification.


When you purchased "Beat Saber" to gift to your friend, was there any promotional codes or promotional pricing at the date of purchase?


Also just for clarification, did your friend enter the 25 digit code correctly in the promo code slot when attempting to redeem "beat saber" as well as being logged into their account on the website?



Look forward to your reply back! 😊

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Actually, we're all sorted now! 

He was able to use the code provided in the email to get it to work that way.


Thank you for your help!

Hey Glizor,


We're glad to hear your friend was able to get it sorted out! 😊


If you ever need assistance in the near future, don't hesitate to reach out.


We're always available to assist you with any Oculus related Questions!😎


Thank you!