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Glasses and Quest 2 lens scratched

Level 2

I know I'm not the first, but I to have discovered the spacer for glasses is not sufficient to avoid scratches.


After playing mini golf, I took off the Quest 2 and noticed my glasses had a dirty smudge.  Sadly, it's not a smudge it's a scratch!  Worse, there is now a corresponding scratch on my son's Quest 2 lens.  This, despite him inserting the spacer.


The spacer is not sufficient!  More significant is the fact you can't tell the glasses are touching the Quest's lens, as the general fitting of the headset is snug.  Looking at the design, the spacer is really poor, and the lenses should have some sort of replaceable layer (despite the fact that might still scratch the glasses).


My son now has a scratched Quest 2 and I have an expensive pair of scratched varifocal glasses. 


So now what do I do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh no! This is not the experience we want you to have. We want to make sure your son can get back to his awesome VR device and have a clear view again. 


Which is why we want to invite you to our Meta Store Support so we can get you connected with one of our amazing agents!


Please send them a picture of the lens that is scratched. You can either submit a ticket, get on a live chat or even get a scheduled call from them! 


You can do the following here. We appreciate you being part of our VR family!