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GraphQL server responded with error 1353054

Level 2

GraphQL server responded with error 1353054: Your PayPal payment could not be completed. Please update your PayPal information or try using a credit card. If you continue to experience this problem, please contact PayPal.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @skyding!


We see you're having some troubles when trying to add a payment method. We most certainly can't let this get in the way of your VR adventures. Let's work together to see if we can resolve this! Payment methods can be a little finicky, so to start let's make sure we're meeting the requirements here:


  • The supported payment methods for the U.S.A are:
    • Visa
    • American Express (AMEX)
    • Mastercard
    • PayPal


  • As well please make sure that there are funds loaded or available on the card. There must also be no payment restrictions on the card. 


If you feel you meet all the requirements above but are still running into some issues, rest assured! We have some troubleshooting methods for you. Please note:


  1. If you are attempting these on PC, please sign out and uninstall the app on the mobile device.
  2. If you are using your mobile device, please sign out and uninstall the app on the PC


Kindly attempt the following:


  • Use any and all brands of browsers you have access to (I.E. Opera GX, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Edge, Etc...). As well try this both in the normal browsing mode and incognito mode. Attempt this on both your mobile and PC
  • Attempt the above with approved cards (That being American Express, Mastercard or Visa)
  • As well, try the above browser method in attempts to using a PayPal and linking it to the account.


As well we've seen some members of our VR family get past this little bug by, when the app asks for your cards expiration date, entering the full four digit year and two digit month. (example: xx/xx/xxx)


If all of the troubleshooting steps have been applied and you need some further help, we recommend reaching out to our specialists here:!