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GraphQL server responded with error 2078011

Honored Guest
I just purchased the Quest 2 for my son for his birthday. I am trying to purchase games for him, but only get the above error message. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Honored Guest
Have the same problems now on Quest 2.

Honored Guest
Same problems

Honored Guest
Same issue, unable to buy Arizona Sunshine in Oculus, mobile or web

Same issue on Quest 2 with the Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. I can purchase other games but not this one, so it has nothing to do with payment method or pin code. I have also checked that I have enough space on my device. 

Honored Guest
Same Issue here.  Trying to purchase something during the big Lunar Sale but receive this error.  Chatted in to support but they were not helpful at all and said there are no known issues with the store. The agent did say something interesting "It looks like a lot of people are also trying to purchase what you are trying to purchase. That might have something to do with it" and they hinted at a maximum amount of people that can take advantage of the sale price.  Frustrating to miss out on the sale and not have any verbiage on the store about only a certain amount of purchases are allowed on a given app during a sale.

Honored Guest
I've been getting the same error (error 2078011) since yesterday.  Very frustrating when you can't get a business to take your money!  

Honored Guest
Same here "GraphQL server responded with error 2078011"

Honored Guest
ive got the same error. ive just talked with support and they are telling me they will try fixing my problem within 3-5 business days ;(

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Hey, support team. Have the same problem when buying today limited offer of 6 games in store on PC, Mobile APP, or Oculus Quest 2.


I have 2 apps from this list already.


GraphQL server responded with error 2078011: Не удалось выполнить ваш запрос. Повторите попытку.