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Graphics Card Not Compatible

Level 2

I'm getting a "Graphics Card not compatible with Quest Link. Headset can't be detected or paired." message. I've used my Occulus with this computer for 18 months. Suddenly, tonight I get that message and can't connect. Any ideas on what I need to do? I've updated both the computer and the Quest.
I have a 3070 graphics card.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya Josh_T. We recognize that not being able to connect your Quest to your computer is preventing you from fully experiencing VR. To bring you back into VR, we're going to stop at nothing. We ask that you attempt to either update your graphics card or revert back to the older version if you did recently update it.

If you've done that already, we would you to gather your Logs. Keep note that when you gather your Logs, please don't send them here on the forums.

  1. Please connect your Oculus device to your computer
  2. Find your Oculus installation directory (Generally this will be located at 'C:\Program Files\Oculus')
  3. Navigate to Support and then oculus-diagnostics
  4. Double-click OculusLogGatherer and wait for an executable to appear
  5. Select Get All Logs
  6. This will create a .zip file on your desktop. Please attach that zip file to your reply

Please open a ticket on our Support Website once you have collected all of your logs. After doing that, kindly give your logs to the agent with whom you connect. They will be more adept at helping you with this there.

This problem is happening for me too since today.

I have been using this laptop for VR development and teaching for 2 years. At 1am this morning everything was working fine. Today after Oculus update I get this:

Graphics Card not compatible with Quest Link. Headset can't be detected or paired. My Graphics card is a

GTX 1060

I am in the middle of a project and I have a demo tomorrow!!



I had to update my graphics card drivers and that seems to have fixed it. 

Same here. MSI laptop with gtx 1080. Was working fine 2 hours ago. After updating the Oculus PC App, I get the "Graphics Card not Compatible with Quest Link" message from the app and the headset.

I cannot update graphic drivers as this is a MSI model, the GT73VR 6RF, known to give problems with VR that could only be solved reverting to the graphic driver version that I have now.

But it was working fine until this update. Something seems to have happened with it

I'm developing for Quest2 and now I cannot test via Link anymore 😞

Going through the forum there seems to be many users posting the same problem in the last hours, and always after the last update to the PC App

Hey there, @axsh! We definitely understand how inconvenient it can be when running into an error like this one, causing the GPU to not be recognized as supported and interrupting your VR time. Please reach out to our Support Team here, they'll want to collect some logs and see what they can learn from them so they can help out with getting this resolved! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you!