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Graphics card not compatible

Level 2

Hello, I’ve been using my quest 2 for around over a year and a half now and I started using quest link through a link cable for around a year now. I’ve been using my same laptop the entire time and last night I was in the middle of playing Vrchat when I was continuously crashing so I decided to close the oculous app on my computer and reopen it. When I reopened it there was an available update and I had figured that’s why I kept crashing. I updated the oculus app on my laptop and now I’m receiving a message that goes something like “graphics card not compatible. Headset will not be able to connect or be detected” Meta please help. This is not an issue with my pc, it was working absolutely fine up until I updated the oculus app. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

We see you are having issues when trying to use Link with receiving the error message "graphics card not compatible". We're here to help!  


We have listed some steps below to hopefully resolve this issue:


  • Use this link here to double check for compatibility with your GPU
  • Make sure your drivers are up to date
  • Check your cable for any damage (kinks, bends, twists, etc.)
  • Ensure Air Link is disabled in Settings on the headset


If these steps don't resolve your issue, please use the steps in this link here to gather your logs. Once the logs are collected, use this following link here to open a support ticket with your logs attached, and our amazing support team will assist you in resolving this issue.