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Greetings All.

Level 2

My went.
I stopped eating for a few weeks in order to 'order' Meta Quest 2.  Tacked on an over the ear power bank.
Really have not done much with it yet, I have over dosed on you tube vid;s ..some helped...some ...oh well.
Too bad the Go apps won't cross over to the Quest 2, Will start with the freebies then progress to the not so free.  
Pointers?  Comments?  Now, how long until Q2 becomes outdated and not supported I wonder??


n. tx. 

When you throw dirt.....YOU lose ground.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Would definitely recommend Rec Room, Superhot VR demo, Jurassic World, and Epic Roller Coasters for starters. For the not so free, Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber, After the Fall, Walkabout Mini Golf, and The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners.


Try not skipping any more meals either my guy. Take care of yourself!