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Guardian Skipping Front Directions Step

Level 2

Hey everyone!

So when I first purchased my Rift S, I was able to set which direction the front direction was. Now the guardian set up seems to skip that step. I was only able to set the floor height and boundary. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I usually like to set away from my TV as the front. I distinctively remember being able to set this. The guardian set up goes straight to floor height as the first step. No option to set the front orientation.



Level 4
Yes, Oculus removed this option.

What I now do, is to place the helmet on my head while facing the direction that I wish to be forward.  Strangely enough, this forward direction seems to change as I play some games.  BTW, the floor height is set automatically now in Guardian setup, although you still seem to be able to define it manually.