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Guardian keeps crashing

Level 2

Whenever I power up my oculus, and try and set up my guardian, it just keeps crashing over and over again not letting me play, I've tried rebooting it restarting it cleaning the sensors but with no prevail every time I put the head set on I'll set up my guardian and it'll drop me into the hub for about 2 seconds and reset like nothing happened, and if it doesn't reset it just brings me to this screen where it says the guardian has crashed and to close the app! I've tried everything if anyone has a answer that would be much appreciated!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Let's look into this together and get Guardian working properly. Please PM us or click HERE to submit a support ticket, and be sure to detail all troubleshooting steps you've taken so far as well as how brightly your play area is lit. Thanks!

Level 2

I was going to submit a support request, but seems I'm not the only one. Seems this just started after the latest update, so they should be looking into this by now. If you could detail back to us on what the support team suggest that would be very helpful and gracious of you.

Level 2

Does anyone have solution for guardian crashing?

Level 2

Same here.....keeps crashing during boot! Guardian app has a failure!

I have talked to Oculus and they advised me a Factory Reset. This did the job!

The same thing is happening I recently bought help wanted and job simulater and I want to play but I doesn't let me cuz its says keeps stopping can u help?


Also I was getting on the oculus app to try and fix it and it says session expired I don't know what that means and I signed back in and and now all my games and my vr thingy is gone can u plz help?

almost the same problem here .. every time i start up the quest2 il have to make a new guardian . its if the guardian isnt saved or loaded

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