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Guardian keeps "moving with me"

Level 2

This may sound strange, but for some strange reason whenever I try to set up my boundary or my walls, it always moves as I do, the floor adjusting as I crouch/stand up, boundary moving forward when I walk forward, etc. I'm not quite sure what this is, but because of it I now cannot set up my boundary to the scale of my room.


Level 2

Also I found this post of the same issue but it led nowhere:

Hey there @bucketman22! Thanks for reaching out. We completely understand how it feels to have issues setting up your Guardian. There are a few steps we can try that which will be listed below.

  1. Reset your guardian boundary
  2. Reboot the headset
  3. Factory reset the headset

Once you try these, let us know if any of the steps work for you. Thanks!

Well I need to reinstall all my apps with a factory reset?

Hi there, performing a factory reset won't remove content you've purchased or downloaded from your account. Game purchases are tied to your account, so although all of your games will be wiped from the headset when you do a factory reset, when you set it back up with the same account, it's just a matter of re-downloading the games from your library page.

I have tried rebooting several times and it still won't fix the problem. Is there a specific link I can access to submit a form because I have a little trouble navigating the website.

Hey @mahomesjr. We know how much you want to get into VR, and having your guardian keep moving is not making it any easier for you. We'll like for you to get in contact with one of our support agents to get some better assistance.


We get how confusing it can be on our support website, so let us give you a workflow that you can follow to make it easier for you. 


Please go to our support website and follow this workflow.


Meta Quest 2>Headset>Display>Blurry Image>This does not solve my issue


Once you get there you'll have the option to choose from emailing us, joining a live chat, chat via WhatsApp, or even a schedule phone call.


We look forward to assisting you there and getting this all situated for you.