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Hackers and false banning situation!

Level 3

Hello my name is Domenick Hall I enjoy using the platform of horizon worlds on a regular basis. It is taught me how to script and also I am a private investigator in real life which I chose to switch over to VR at the same time. In saying this I just wanted to present my character to you. I am a marshall in one of the most busy and populated worlds which is called Meta court and it has come to my attention that some of the scripted Marshals to watch over the world have been banned for up to 30 days after coming off a two-day ban. Now I can't be there for every situation but at least five of them that haven't even been online have got back online and automatically their counter banned.


There is a user his name is ImElite which has created chaos for the creator of the Court for more than two months now. By finding glitches and exposing them. I personally believe that the horizon team who deals with security is not taking the request seriously by looking into the character and what software he's using in order to bypass personal servers of world creators. Also I would like to view that this character has the ability to not only get pulled out the room but also blocked on friends list accounts and regular user accounts to only bypass them. If you and your security team is familiar with the program deep freeze it seems like he's implementing the same thing with his character to making a mirror image of his Avatar before any restrictions happen so that way he reboots and comes back in like nothing ever took place. Also in modifying any scripting or protocols of a server he's able to send a message back to the game server in order to get people blocked or ban from the automatic security feature that you have built in to the system. Now if you guys would like to contact me I can show you an example not using your platform but using a simulation on my Oracle server that I believe how he's doing it. And my five members are not the only ones who have been banned which actually help keep peace in the courtroom on horizon and I recorded and watched all the time from other players to report them back to the Creator which they haven't received any reports negative on any of the meta Marshalls.


From the way that he is doing this to the platform horizon worlds he might also be sharing or selling his information on how he's able to hack and find implications on the game reason is because there are two other people that want to destroy some worlds and I have seen them first hand on the map soapstone mess with elements while the server is in play. I would really like to help with the situation this needs to be stopped for the future of horizon worlds accounts are being banned automatically without sufficient evidence or reports which I can only speculate without having the full data from the server. But if you would like the example or any more information from me please contact me at any time our members are going to end up leaving the Oculus because they're being banned for no reason right after a 48 hour band they come back and get banned right away again. I know hackers are born everyday but this guy is taking it personal.