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Had a quest a now a gaming pc.

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I just got a gaming pc but beat saber now just isn't letting me install it. it says i dont own it on rift but i own it on quest? i bought it before pre meta, but i also bought saint and sinners pre meta and that works. pls help


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Hey @natschm8! Thanks for dropping us a line. Looks like this is your first post, welcome! Congrats on your new gaming PC too! 

I'm sad to inform you that Beat Saber is only accessible on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. You must buy it through the PC in order to play it on PCVR. Saints & Sinners is a game that's also compatible with Rift and Rift S. That means that both your PC and headset will instantly display the app.

I hope this helps!

Kudos, kudos and more kudos!


One way to check is to look at the side info panel in the web store.

Beat Saber in the Quest store has:


In the Rift store it has:


This means you need to buy it twice to get all of the platforms.


Saints & Sinners has this:


This means one purchase gets you both Quest and Rift versions. This is called Cross Buy. It's a choice by the developers of a game as to whether it's Cross Buy or not (although in the case of Beat Saber it's Meta, since they own the BS developer).


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