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Hand and controller tracking fails after v66

Expert Protege

I'm sorry for writing here but I'm bad with English and I don't know where exactly to write this. I don't lack features, but this new version is complete garbage. Already 3 times the tracking of the hands and contrailers completely fails and only after restarting with the power button it is fixed. With previous versions this never happened. The features work for me, but I'm also in developer mode.


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Hello again, @ZaferAnubis! We noticed that we haven't heard back from you yet! If the previous steps we provided don't help, we highly recommend that you also report this issue to our engineers, as this will allow them to investigate any potential issues with the latest patch. Thank you and @Charmeds so much for working with us to get to the bottom of this issue!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Charmeds! We have reached out for clarification on the v66 features, and we have an update on this. These features are still rolling out, so don't worry. This isn't a bug or a misunderstanding. We'll need to give things a bit longer for all of the features to roll out.


From here, based on some of your original posts, we'd recommend sending your feedback on how these updates roll out so our developers can know how you feel about it. While those posts do not receive direct replies, it does allow other people to chime in and share support for your feedback as well! You can send your feedback by posting on the Ideas board.


Please do not hesitate to back out if you need assistance with anything else. 

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Expert Protege

Thanks for the move. How is it not a defect? This renders the helmet useless and can cause you to lose progress in a game if it happens in the middle of it. How long should we wait? How is it that with the previous versions there was no such problem even once, but now it happened maybe 4-5 times in 2-3 days? You can't even post a bug report because only the Meta button on the right controller works in this situation.

We appreciate the follow-up, and the report feature, along with the forums, would be the ideal place to leave the information. This ensures it reaches the proper team so that it may be reviewed further and allow the community to add on to the information provided. We appreciate your time, and have a wonderful day!

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Expert Protege

Are you using the Pro Controllers or the Touch Plus controllers?

If it's the PC's then settle in for a long ride that we've been riding for over a month now.

It's an issue where V65 borked up the WiFi in the headsets; as such, some people are having issues when setting up or resetting their headsets and the Pro Controllers have been turned into £300 trinkets.

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Honored Guest

same here. Meta, this is hurting your sales. I had a VR showcase for a friend yesterday and the faulty tracking convinced him that the tech "is not there yet". Very frustrating.

No. I'm using the stock controllers for my Quest 2 helmet. Sorry I didn't specify.l. In fact, there are visual defects with the new version that I hadn't noticed. When passing the controller through the helmet around it, the image from the cameras is deformed much more than before the 66 version. Alas in mixed reality mode only a picture of the hands is taken and the font is black and I can't show a picture of the problem. It looks like there is a black hole around the controller or arm. 🤔

Hey there! Thank you for all that information! We're happy to help out here.


First, we do apologize for the initial response, that was not the correct resolution to your situation. For the tracking there's a few things we can try her if it happens again.


  • Clearing the boundary.
  1. Press the Oculus/Meta logo on your right controller
  2. Click on the clock on the left side of the universal menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. In the settings panel, select Boundary
  5. Select 'Clear Boundary history'
  6. Redraw your Guardian boundaries by selecting 'Adjust Boundary' from the Boundary settings menu
  • Remove any accessories attached to your Headset and controllers.
  • Rebooting your headset (as you've done before)

Please let us know if these don't resolve the tracking challenges. And we'll see what other options we can provide.



For the black hole around the arms, please report the problem to meta. Please let us know if you have any questions or challenges.


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Honored Guest

My oculus quest 2 unfortunately after update v66, I have issue with lose tracking when I leave the device and when I back I need to turn it off and back on again to let the trak work again. This first time hapeend for me since I bought this device and solution !?

Hey there, @ZaferAnubis! We definitely want for you to enjoy your time in VR, and that is hard to do if  your controllers are not tracking properly! We want to make sure that you have tried everything on your end to see if you can get these functioning normally again, have you gone through all of the troubleshooting steps in the post directly above yours in this thread? Those would be the best place to start.

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