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Has anyone experienced a kind of disorientation after playing?

Level 2

Has anyone experienced a kind of disorientation after playing? So I’m a 20-year-old male and I just got my Oculus today and I loved it and I played for three hours and then afterwards I got really disoriented I was kind a like I was drunk has anyone else experience that? Or is it just me


Level 7

Yes. Were you playing a game natively on the Quest 2 unit, or were you playing a game from your computer using Link? The latter is more likely to cause motion sickness if you're getting lag for various reasons.


I used to be extremely motion sick during, and after play. But after hours of using the headset, I slowly got used to it. Took me about a week I would say.


Motion sickness occurs when your eyes do not sink with what your inner-ear is feeling. Once motion sickness sets in, takes a couple of hours for it to stop in my case. It's very common. You should get used to it. Just take it slow and don't do movements that are unreasonably brisk in-game for now.

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To be honest, I'm surprised you were able to play for three hours on day 1 without feeling extremely sick. You should really start with shorter periods in VR to train your brain to cope with the conflicting sensory inputs. Don't worry though, the feeling will pass and you'll gradually be able to cope with longer and longer gaming sessions.

Level 6

VR sickness is quite common. Check the comfort level rating on the game/app/experience you are using. Stick with "comfortable" for now. And give "intermediate" a try.


Look up "Brandt-Daroff" or "Epley" maneuver for an exercise you can use to relieve vertigo. The Epley maneuver should be done with a therapist but you can do either at home by yourself.


I like "Bob & Brad's" videos on YouTube. They helped me get rid of "trigger finger".


Hope this helps.

3 hours! you must have been playing things that required very little turning or something right?


Everyone using an oculus headset experiences this motion sickness, from headaches, sweating to stomach butterflies and throwing up the longer you move around with smooth turning.

Level 3

I use Oculus Quest 2 for the job (no gaming) with desktop sharing and usage of EMulate3D.
I come sick after 10 minutes ....
My body is not moving, I use joystick to wald into the VR 3d model.