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Headset Not connecting to Meta Quest mobile app

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So it all happened 2-4 days ago at night and it said “tv storage stopped or something like that so I factory reset it and then I got to the “pair your headset to the meta quest mobile app to continue setup” and I made a new account and put in the code and it said “ unable to connect your headset”. Meta please help me. 😞


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Icyyvr_official! We certainly want to help get your headset paired again and working as normal, so we appreciate you letting us know the situation! Firstly, we do want to let you know that any purchases and data you've accumulated on your previous account will not transfer over, so please tell us if you're having any issues signing into your original account. Aside from that, could you let us know what headset you have? We have a few troubleshooting steps we'd like you to try out, if you haven't already, to help get to the bottom of this. When you get the chance, please go through the following and let us know if anything changes:


  • Ensure the phone is compatible with the Meta Quest app.
  • Ensure the phone app and headset are on the latest available version.
  • Ensure your phone and headset are connected to the same network and frequency.
  • Remove any unsupported third-party accessories that may affect communication (such as headset covers, etc.).
  • Restart both your headset and your phone.
  • Try to pair the headset with another phone altogether to help narrow down possible causes.
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache on your phone. (Note: This is different depending on the OS. if you're unsure how to do this, let us know what phone you have!)
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Yeah I know that it won’t transfer but I have no problem logging in to my original account, I have the quest 2 and I’ve had it for a very long time now.

Thanks for the swift reply, @Icyyvr_official! We just wanted to make sure any account issues were addressed, so thanks for confirming that for us. When you're able to go through the rest of the message there, feel free to get back to us if you're still running into pairing issues afterwards. We want to help make sure you're all set! 

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I’m using a iPad gen10 and iPhone 7 Plus 

Turns out everything you said to do didn’t work.. I’m sad 😞

We appreciate you trying out those steps for us, @Icyyvr_official! For iOS, here are the instructions to clear the Bluetooth cache:


  1. Open Settings and select Bluetooth.
  2. Forget every Bluetooth device in the My Devices list using the "i" icon.
  3. Restart your iOS device to clear the cache. After restarting, you will be required to re-pair your Bluetooth devices again.


If you're still running into that error message when trying to pair your headset, could you let us know if you completed the factory reset through the Meta Quest mobile app or the headset boot menu directly? If you haven't already, we suggest trying a factory reset from the boot menu directly with the steps here. Get back to us when you can!

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I already did that but it didn’t work but I’ll try the other thing for the bluetooth and I’ll email u guys when I try it 

No worries at all, @Icyyvr_official! Feel free to get back to us after trying out that Bluetooth cache step whenever you find the time! Aside from that, we recommend trying to pair your headset with an Android device, if at all possible. If you're still running into issues from there or don't have a way to try that, send us a PM so we can take a look into what options we may have available. Simply select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We look forward to hearing back from you!

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Honored Guest

Hey the Bluetooth thing didn’t work so is there any other ways I could try to fix it?

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