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Headset is glitching

Level 2
  • I turned on my oculus , and the screen kept glitching left to right, and when I move my head the whole area resets, and every few seconds shifts back left or right. It also keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize my boundary, but when I walk out of it it does. But when I’m in the boundary it asks me to reset it or look around. When it does put me in the main environment, it puts me half in the floor, and if I try to do anything the whole view moves back and forth and also for some reason the selection circle ( that is usually and indicator of where your controller is pointing) appears when I am looking with my headset, as if the headset thinks it’s a controller too . I’ve tried resetting the boundary to stationary and back to roomscale , but it does the glitching regusrdless. I’ve restarted it a couple times and it is continuing to glitch 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yikes! This is not the experience we want you to have with us and want to make sure we can provide some steps. We know the time this is taking off from being able to actually enjoy your VR device. Seeing you have restarted the headset a few times we were wondering if you have done a Factory Reset?