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Headset needs updating before pairing

Level 3

I have just bought new right controller from meta website for Q2. Headset was factory reset. I have installed the app but can't pair headset as have software notification required message. On the headset it's stuck on first screen with pulling strips batteries from controllers. Only one is active as right one is not paired as it's brand new. Well I can't pair it as I don't have app pairing. So how can I pair controller if I can't update it as I don't have access to anything. I am thinking about sending controller back and finish my journey with quest 2...


Level 2

I have same issue. I stuck on first screen, app notification said me update headset but I couldn't pair. And also situation is same because of I have just one paired controller to headset the other one unpaired. 

Level 3

I'm having this issue as well and oculus should take this seriously. What the **bleep** were they thinking when they made this headset?? The only way to pair new controllers is through the app but you can only connect to the app by having paired controllers, it's like saying we are locked out forever because we don't have the native controllers that came with the headset. What an amateurish design oversight. Console controllers have reset and sync buttons, and can be changed across numerous consoles without issue, why couldn't the devs have factored that? What are we supposed to do here, I spent 100$ on a replacement HMD and I can't even pair my controllers to it, it's bonkers to me this can happen on a modern device, what is the solution??

It's definitely more of us in this absurd position. I have bought brand new controller from meta an now It's useless like rest of it... 

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I urge you to contact support via whatsapp cuz that's what I did and gave them my two cents... probably not even a real person but whatever

.. they stated their team is aware of the issue and is currently working on it... currently is 3 days already... so yeah glad I bought this thing and have yet to get to use the dam thing. I was so stoaked... now I am not.

Hello there! We understand you're experiencing difficulties pairing the controllers, however, this is an emerging issue that we're working hard to resolve, we've been pushing bug fixes since the account was released. However, we will do our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that you can resume using your device and playing your favorite games.

In the future to prevent this, the next headset (Q3) should have a sync button on the headset, and sync and reset buttons on the controllers, maybe inside of the battery compartment. This is basically how a wii remote can be used on many consoles. All modern wireless controllers have those features. It's too late to add them to Quest 2, but a potential solution is to add an update that allows handtracking during setup, so we can get past the sticker pulling screen, connect to the internet and our phones and then pair the controller. You can only pair a controller through the phone app, and that's not very good design. 

I am having the same EXACT issue!  I am so frustrated.  I have contacted support numerous times and chatted with a stupid "BOT" to try an resolve the problem.  This is so ridiculous.  I cannot get ahold of an actual human from Oculus to help me either.  It has been over a week and they just keep saying that the engineers are aware of the issue and are working around the clock to fix the problem.  well..................its been over a week and I still get the same answer.  😡😡😡

Also, I have purchased new controllers before and had absolutely NO problem re-connecting.  Oculus finally got them back in stock so I purchased one from them and then this happens!!!!  RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

This is ridiculous!!!  I just keep getting the same response "we are aware of the issue and our engineers are working around the clock to resolve the problem".  Well.......its been over a week!!!!!  WTF?????  Still no anwers  

And it sure would be nice to talk to an ACTUAL PERSON from Meta/Oculus/Horizon, whoever you all are now!!!