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Headset needs updating before pairing

Level 3

I have just bought new right controller from meta website for Q2. Headset was factory reset. I have installed the app but can't pair headset as have software notification required message. On the headset it's stuck on first screen with pulling strips batteries from controllers. Only one is active as right one is not paired as it's brand new. Well I can't pair it as I don't have app pairing. So how can I pair controller if I can't update it as I don't have access to anything. I am thinking about sending controller back and finish my journey with quest 2...


Level 3

By design of this product I'm completely locked out. Here are the bottlenecks.

1. The controllers are not natively synced to this headset

2. The headset is not up to date

3. I cannot connect to the internet to update the headset because the controllers are not paired.

4. I cannot connect the headset to my phone, because I cannot update the headset, because I cannot pair the controllers, and I can not connect to the internet.

5. I am stuck at initial setup because the only way to pair new controllers is by phone and I cant connect to my phone because it's out of date and I can't access the features at all without a phone.

This means, without some kind of workaround, a device that has been factory resetted before a pair of controllers is connected to it is pretty much bricked, because of reasons 1-5.. This is a critical design error. Many people are having this issue, people's headsets are getting bricked left and right. Oculus is gonna **bleep** up their rep pretty bad. I'm never buying a product from them again, this is so stupid.

Yes!! I bought a new controller from the meta store and it made it so both of my headsets can’t connect to any right controller I own now 

This answer isn’t good enough. This issue basically fried both of my headsets. All because suckerberg had to screw up yet another good thing 

Same!!! It’s the meta version of the controller. I’m sure meta just had to put some kind of BS data relay into it that destroyed the software 

Will the new v44 update fix the issue so many of us are having now? 

No they gave me that full **bleep** too they told me that it's an issue they're working on and it will be fixed up in the next update and this was 5 days ago I don't know whether to believe that or not because they sent me a link for their blog talking about the update but it said nothing about the issue

Any update on fixing this issue as it seems it’s been months for these people and I’m still having the same problem I can’t update the headset without pairing and I can’t pair without the internet it’s some what of a closed loop no one can get any new quest 2 to work 

Level 4

wow after a month of non working headset I was told to send it to them and that it would be replaced. i just recieved a message saying they just got told they do not currently have any headsets to replace anyone's right now.

Hey there I'm going through the same issue. They say when this problem is happening to hook it up to the oculus app on the computer by hard wiring it to pair it to your account.  That being said I got a replacement for a faulty device through warranty and now can't connect it and when I ask to receive a new device or my money back they just keep telling me that they are currently having stock issues, which they have been telling people for like a year now or 6 months  While still selling them on their website. I've been going back-and-forth with them in email and getting nothing but copy paste responses and deterrence. I've asked for a refund they have not acknowledged the request I have asked for a new device they say that there is no stock and when  I asked for credit towards a new product so that I can just buy one off their website and send back mine in my last email so lets see if they begin to work with me. Its been a hassle for a couple weeks now, and thats already after getting the refurb in the first place.  They've been doing this to a lot of people there's been a lot of complaint about their customer service and not honoring warranties. I'm thinking of putting together a class action lawsuit, DM me on telegram if you think this sound like you and you have a compelling case. @Whitewolf1333 

(I dont own a computer to hook up to)

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