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Headset not charging

Level 2

My son's oculus go headset in not charging!  There's no light on when it is plugged in!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there slayercole131! We understand that not being able to charge your Oculus Go can be a hassle. We can definitely try our best to help you resolve this issue. Below we've provide some troubleshooting step you can attempt, please try the following: 


  • Attempt to charge the headset for 2 hours. The headset must be left powered off or in a sleep state during this time.
  • Try a different Cable/Charger if possible.
  • Try using a different source to charge your device ( another wall outlet or computer) 

Let us know if this worked for you. If not, please reach back out to us so that we can look further into this! We look forward to hearing back from you.